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Used Equipment

Garden City Plastics Equipment & Supply Co., Inc.
Phone: 816-862-8703

Blow Molders: Akei, Automa, Battenfeld, Bekum, Comec, Fisher, Hartig, Hayssen, Improved, Kautex, Magic, Rocheleau, Sterling, Techne, Uniloy, Jomar.

Injection Molders: Boy, Trubor, Nissei

Grinders: Allsteel, Ball & Jewell, Cumberland, Conair, Foremost, IMS, LR Systems, Nelmor, Polymer, Rapid, Wortex

Chillers: AEC, Berg, Cincinnati, Sterling, Conair, Thermal Care Mayer, ALpha, Carrier, Advantage.

Blenders: AEC HydReclaim, AEC Whitlock Maguire, Una-Dyn, LR Systems

Material Dryers: AEC Whitlock, Conair, Novatec, Cincinnati Milacron, Novatec, Thoreson McCosh

Check our website below for more great items such as labelers, leak detectors, conveyors, etc.

104 Lake Rd. PO Box 617, Garden City, MO 64747 * 816-862-8703">

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May 19th - Annual Recyclers Ranking - closes: May 12th

May 26th - Engineering Plastics in Automative - closes: May 19th

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