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EPA adopts new safe level of PFOA in drinking water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency May 19 released new advisories lowering the amount of the fluoropolymer chemical PFOA that can be in drinking water.

New law gives firms more leverage to protect trade secrets

The role of the federal government in protecting the trade secrets of U.S companies expanded significantly under a new law signed by President Barack Obama.

Bipartisan agreement has Congress on path to approve updated TSCA

U.S. lawmakers have reached a bipartisan agreement to reconcile the bills passed last year in the House and Senate that would overhaul chemical safety regulations for the first time in 40 years.

Chinese market prompts recycling expansion in Pakistan

China is a magnet for recycled materials worldwide, and that's not a fact lost elsewhere in Asia, including in Pakistan.

Röchling building new technology center in Germany

German auto supplier Röchling Group has started construction of a new technical center in Worms, Germany, investing 9 million euros ($10 million) in what it calls a "think tank."

'Every day is Father's Day' at Petro Packaging

Rick Petrozziello, president of Petro Packaging Co. Inc., is helping his two daughters slowly take control of the Cranford, N.J., company he co-owns. Same is true for his brother and partner, John Petrozziello, who is seeing his own son come into the business as part of the next generation.

Ravago continues growth strategy with TH Hilson, Campi y Jove

Plastics materials giant Ravago SA has been growing its presence in specialty chemicals distribution, including numerous plastics-related products.

Being family-owned allows Plastikos, Micro Mold to be nimble

Plastikos Inc., and its sister company Micro Mold Inc., are second-generation family owned — and the founders handed the business off the young executives after a transition period of just two years.

Plastomer passes to the next generation with some outside help

Passing the torch to seven members of the next generation is not an easy task, but the Baughman family accomplished it with some professional help at Plastomer Corp.

Sidel helps produce the world's lightest PET bottle for edible oil

Sidel, the French-headquartered PET bottle maker has produced what is claimed to be the world's lightest 900 milliliter PET bottle for edible oil.

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