Events and Awards

January 14

Plastics and Rubber in Automotive 2019

Plastics and Rubber in Automotive 2019, to be held Jan. 14-15, 2019, at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Mich., offers two great conferences in one: Plastics News’ Plastics in Automotive and Rubber and Plastics News’ Rubber in Automotive.Both conferences will be held simultaneously in the same location, allowing you to attend sessions at both events and meet participants and exhibitors across the plastics and rubber industries. The conferences will have separate agendas and meet in adjacent conference venues, enhancing value through joint interaction and networking.

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March 2019 - Naples

Plastics News Executive Forum

The plastics industry’s go-to leadership conference for top industry professionals from processor and supplier companies is to be held March 4-6, 2019, in Naples, Fla.,with special sessions including some of the most successful plastics processors, who will share skills and secrets necessary for success. Plus, the conference will feature a focus on workforce training, development and retention, key areas necessary for sustained success in today’s economy. Join these companies and others for powerful networking and education in the Florida sun and find out who will be Plastics News’ 2018 Processor of the Year.

October 2017

Fireside Chat #6: Disruptors & New Opportunities from Medical Device Tech

The future of plastics in healthcare is now. In this Fireside Chat, Josh Blackmore, global healthcare manager for the M. Holland Company and Benjamin Bouchard vice president, international business development and managing director - China of GW Plastics, Inc. will dive into the technology-driven advancements early adaptors need to know. They will cover the progress being made in medical device development, materials and molding.