Brennan Lafferty

Title Publisher
Phone (313) 446-6768


Don Loepp

Title Editor
Phone (313) 446-6767

Rhoda Miel

Title News Editor
Phone (313) 446-1693

Jeremy Carroll

Title Assistant Managing Editor / Video Editor
Phone (313) 446-6780

Jessica Jordan

Title Art Director
Phone 313-446-0449

Bill Wood

Title Economics Editor
Phone 413 489 3287


Bill Bregar

Title Senior Staff Reporter
Phone (330) 203-5991

Frank Esposito

Title Senior Staff Reporter
Phone (330) 703-7290

Steve Toloken

Title News Editor / International
Phone (313) 204-6273

Jim Johnson

Title Staff Reporter
Phone (937) 964-1289

Catherine Kavanaugh

Title Staff Reporter
Phone (313) 446-0346

Audrey LaForest

Title Staff Reporter
Phone (313) 446-5870

Jordan Vitick

Title Staff Reporter / Copy Editor
Phone (313) 446-0468

Editorial Research

Hollee Keller

Title Editorial Research Coordinator
Phone (330) 633-2192


Christina Dutzy

Title Advertising Coordinator

Patrick Cannon

Title Sales Director
Phone (313) 446-1625

Linda Hickey

Title Regional Sales Manager, Northeast
Phone (330) 592-4857
Sales Territory: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Western Pennsylvania.

Gary Judy

Title Regional Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic/Southeastern
Phone (410) 819-0511
Sales Territory: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Southern Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Southern Indiana and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Peter Bianchi

Title Regional Sales Manager, Southeast/Southwest
Phone (312) 265-6484

John Hickey

Title Regional Sales Manager, Western
Phone (260) 437-8502

Brooke Stender

Title Classifieds Sales Representative
Phone 330-865-6117

Ed Rich

Title Regional Sales Manager, Midwest
Phone (330) 869-0375
Sales Territory: Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Canada: (Ontario - East)

Betsy Connolly

Title Sales Representative, Processor and Non-Endemic
Phone (248) 770-8315

Arthur Schavemaker

Title Sales Representative
Phone +31 (0) 547-275005
Sales Territory: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Fabio Potesta

Title Sales Representative
Phone +39 (0) 10 5704948
Sales Territory:Italy, Turkey

Randy Krings

Title Sales Representative
Phone +49 (0) 611-5324-416
Sales Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Eastern Europe

Lago Poah Yang

Title Sales Representative
Phone +86 21 6046 0617
Sales Territory: Greater China

Bhupal Potdar

Title Sales Representative
Phone 91-98211-51035
Sales Territory: India

Yutaka Mogi

Title Sales Representative
Phone +81-3-3541-4166
Sales Territory: Japan


Miranda Micallef

Title Production Manager for LSR World/PNE

Patrick Alfes

Title Production Manager for Plastics News

Integrated Marketing

Rachel Potts

Title Events Manager
Phone (313) 446-0425

Farheen Gill

Title Email Marketing Manager
Phone (313) 446-0445

Elise Coyle

Title Audience Development Specialist
Phone 313-446-1602

Rachael Russell

Title Creative Design Specialist
Phone 313-446-1645

Joseph Pryweller

Title Conference Director
Phone (330) 212-3731

Elizabeth Raetz

Title Marketing Manager
Phone (313) 446-1652


Kelley Trost

Title Research Director
Phone 313-446-6761

David Hutton

Title Research Analyst
Phone (330) 479-7794

Admin Support

Lindsay Crawford

Title Administrative Assistant
Phone (313) 446-5869


Jeannie Reall

Title Correspondent

Anna Flávia Rochas

Title Correspondent
Phone +55 11 3280 5112

Gurdip Singh

Title Correspondent
Phone +65 65828406

Kate Tilley

Title Correspondent
Phone +61 (7) 3831 7500

Kent Miller

Title Correspondent
Phone +186 1711 6671

Michael Lauzon

Title Correspondent
Phone (416) 267-8742

Rebecca Kanthor

Title Correspondent

Roger Renstrom

Title Correspondent
Phone (858) 459-7744

Satnam Singh

Title Correspondent
Phone +91 9811018353

Stephen Downer

Title Correspondent
Phone +52 (777) 326-3680

PNE - Editors

Karen Laird

Title Editor

Shahrzad Pourriahi

Title Senior Reporter