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Sacmi Imola makes major shipment to Asia
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Sacmi Imola S.C. reports that a major single cargo shipment of 23 cap pressing machines and 16 filler boxes left the port of Ravenna, Italy, bound for the port of Pusan, South Korea, where the...
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Pennsylvania molder moving into engineering resins
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A small custom injection molder is using a loan to expand in a city that has endured economic hardship. Polymer Contours Inc. in Allentown, Pa., is using the loan to extend its ability to handle...
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Conduit maker Atkore completes IPO
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PVC conduit and building products maker Atkore International Group Inc. went public on June 10, selling shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Three weeks after its initial public offering, Atkore ...
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Students discuss research into 3-D printed inserts
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Cleveland — Two students from the Pennsylvania College of Technology presented research into 3-D printed inserts for rotomolding at the Society of Plastics Engineers’ Rotational...
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Entek software improves screw, barrel layout design
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Entek Manufacturing Inc. of Lebanon, Ore., has introduced a new software program designed for customers to quickly and easily design screw and barrel layouts for their specific applications. The...
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Speaker stresses importance of burner maintenance
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Cleveland — Proper gas burner maintenance in rotational molding ovens is important for keeping good cycle times and running a smooth operation, Adam Covington, vice president of aftermarket...
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Pulverizer handles tough materials
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Cleveland — Orenda Automation Technologies Inc., which introduced its Airforce air-cooled pulverizer in 2014, is getting ready to roll out a stage two model — aimed at running...
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Keba expanding in China
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Linz, Austria-based Keba AG is expanding its presence in China for controllers for machinery and robots. Keba’s fourth location in China is in Jinan, located between Shanghai and Beijing....
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Obituary: Resin distribution executive Jim Gerolium
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Jim Gerolium, 72, a former sales executive at General Polymers, died June 23 after a struggle with cancer. “We hired him in 1980 to start and run General Polymers of Ohio and he went on to...
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Investment needed to spark faster growth
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The fundamental, long-term objective of every successful business owner is to grow the business. Nobody who stays viable over the long run just wants to be average, and nobody just wants to...
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