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Upcoming Webinars

Leveraging Digital Manufacturing to Accelerate Time to Market
Webinars Leveraging Digital Manufacturing to Accelerate Time to Market
Digital manufacturing is the technological evolution of traditional manufacturing where software automation and a network of connected machines are turning 3D CAD models into physical parts more efficiently than ever before. In this presentation, you’ll hear more about this convergence, how it’s positively impacting prototyping, product development, low volume production and what digital manufacturing technologies are available to designers and engineers.
What You Will Learn:
• How software and hardware have converged to form digital manufacturing.
• What’s driving front- and back-end automation, and specific automation features influencing early development?
• How recent advances in manufacturing technologies are facilitating iterative design and development.
• How effective and frequent prototyping early can reduce up-front financial and market risks.
• Supply chain management in a volatile market and inventory costs reduction with on-demand manufacturing.
• The benefits of industrial 3D printing technologies: manufacturing the un-manufacturable, outsourcing versus owning equipment and mass customization.
• Quick-turn CNC machining benefits including an engineering-grade material selection and its prototyping role in clinical trials and regulatory approvals.
• How low-volume injection molding is a cost-effective prototyping option, but also is used for bridge tooling and end-of-life planning.
• Making the most out of Proto Labs’ online quote with design for manufacturability analysis.
• Where opportunities to reduce time to revenue and profitability exist?

Who Should Attend? (Will need to be updated for available demographic profiles)
• Strategic Business Leaders
• R&D, Product Development and Engineering Managers
• Director and C-suite
• Procurement & Supply Chain management
• Higher level of Operations, P & L resp, total cost of ownership
• Anyone searching for technology based solutions to strategically fuel their growth
• Medical device; Automotive; Computer electronics and robotics

On-demand Webinars

For Managers & Engineers: Strategies for Implementing Scientific Molding at Your Facility
Webinars For Managers & Engineers: Strategies for Implementing Scientific Molding at Your Facility
What is Scientific Molding?
It provides an easy-to-use system to effectively develop, document, setup, and troubleshoot an injection molding process. Scientific Molders are quickly gaining an edge in the highly-competitive global plastics manufacturing marketplace.

What is Covered?
• Why Scientific Molding is essential to the future of your plastics company
• The role your technicians play in effective Scientific Molding implementation
• Proven strategies for implementing a scientific molding system in your molding facility
• How to teach all of your techs to quickly identify and confidently prove whether a problem is caused by the mold, the machine, the material, or the process
• Industry best methods for teaching scientific molding skills to your technicians
• Why most in-house training programs fail (Hint: It’s not why you think)

Who should attend?
• Molding managers
• Production supervisors
• Corporate management
• Senior technicians • Quality managers
• Process and quality engineers
• Product managers
• Maintenance managers
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Plastic Mergers & Acquisitions: Keys to Owner Wealth, Company Solidity, and Management Growth
Webinars Plastic Mergers & Acquisitions: Keys to Owner Wealth, Company Solidity, and Management Growth
The plastics industry in recent years has encountered huge influence and change, much of it due to merger and acquisition activity. Companies have become powerhouses in the blink of an eye with enormous increases in capital, access to new end markets and powerful combinations of talent in ever-broadening areas. Owners became wealthier, and companies became stronger.

For the average “middle market” company, the potential for a business combination is exciting, as well as somewhat intimidating. This program is designed to help owners and upper level managers understand the acquisition environment of today and become more prepared to take advantage of it for a better future.

This webinar will help business owners and upper level managers:
• Understand the current M & A environment
• Hear case studies from other companies
• Be more prepared to pursue opportunities
• Learn how to make your company stronger
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The Design of Experiment (DOE) for Injection Molding
Webinars The Design of Experiment (DOE) for Injection Molding
This Webinar will focus on solving injection molding issues using a systematic approach, called Design of Experiments, or DOE, that has been successful in other fields. With plastic processing becoming progressively more scientific, a common practice is to use Six Sigma skills for injection molding. These DOEs can be solve multiple issues and lead to process improvements in such areas as reducing scrap, improving cycle time, identifying the process window and becoming more efficient at problem solving.

The goal of this Webinar is to educate plant managers and process engineers about successfully performing DOEs for injection molding. Design of Experiments is a systemic approach to determine the relationship between factors (process variables) and how they affect the output of the process. By performing DOEs, you will no longer guess what processing variable is significant on the output but will be able to statistically prove the significance of each factor.

Plastics News Senior Reporter Frank Esposito will provide a brief summary of injection molding issues and forecasts, using Plastics News’ Injection Molding 2015 Market Review & Outlook. Dan Mesyn, Technical Service Engineer for Teknor Apex, will then discuss the use of DOEs and how they can improve injection molding operations.
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“Innovation in the closure industry is based on macro trends and occurs when each link in the value chain works together to deliver expertise and products uniquely designed for closure applications.

The Dow Chemical Company will present a new Webinar, HIGH PERFORMANCE, HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) PRODUCTS FOR INNOVATIVE MARKET TREND SOLUTIONS, exploring macro trends from its experts with answers. In this webinar, Dow professionals will discuss packaging trends and how the company’s unique offerings in the value chain continue to deliver innovation to support the impact of HDPE products. The session will include unique products designed for high performance closures, using Dow’s Pack Studio experience, and consider ongoing growth investment projects.

Any packaging professional interested in the use of polyethylene products, particularly for high-performance closures, will benefit from this webinar. This session is especially geared toward plastics processors involved in engineering, R&D, operations, business development, marketing and other related areas.”
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