July 25, 2022

Special Report by Jordan Vitick

Casey Gunning

Senior Manager of Internal Communications, Teknor Apex Co.

Teknor Apex Co. is Casey Gunning’s first step in the plastics industry. While she has previously worked in manufacturing, she was not specifically involved with plastics.

“The Teknor Apex team and culture is what first captured my interest. My interest in the industry grows every day as I learn more about the products, customers and potential TA and the industry has now and in the future,” said the senior manager of internal communications at the materials firm.

The responsibilities that fall under Gunning’s title include employee communications, communications strategies, engagement programs and strategic advising to the senior leadership team. 

Gunning earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Florida Southern College. She previously worked for GlobalFoundries Inc. and was a project manager for development and strategic implementation of a global platform that launched in October 2020. She was a two-time recipient of the CEO Award for COVID-19 task force leadership and a brand launch.

“My greatest achievement professionally was launching and successfully implementing SocialChorus/FirstUp at GlobalFoundries. In doing so, I was able to develop a strong culture of wholistic communication globally that not only had 90-plus percent registration/engagement but also decentralized communications by pulling in almost 150 content contributors, creating a robust and representative live news feed for all employees,” she said.

In her personal life, her greatest accomplishment is her daughter.

“She’s the best parts of me and also the best mirror I have,” Gunning said. “She keeps me focused on what matters most and always reminds me to have fun, laugh and truly enjoy life.”


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