May 15, 2023

Special Report by Jordan Vitick

Tuesday Geeting, 31

Senior Innovation Marketing Manager
Teknor Apex Co.

Tuesday Geeting calls herself “a small-town girl living in a manufacturing world.”

“As a fourth-generation manufacturing and materials science industry employee, I’m deeply passionate about the things we make, how we make them and the impact they have on the day-to-day lives of people all over the world,” she said.

Geeting has a bachelor’s degree in business management from Northwood University. Joining Teknor Apex Co. as a product marketing manager was her first role in the plastics industry.


“Though I spent 12 years at Dow in other functions and divisions, silicones most recently, when the opportunity presented itself to learn a new industry and help promote the virtues of often misunderstood and misrepresented plastics solutions as a value-added material in our lives, I was in,” said the senior innovation marketing manager.

Geeting is heavily involved in her community and work, including an animal rescue organization, a Little League team and the junior high pompon squad. At Dow, she participated in founding and growing VetNet, an employee resource group, and its sister organization, the Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition. Geeting was honored with several awards at Dow, including bronze awards for delivering innovative solutions and generating customer value, as well as silver and gold awards for collaborating for superior results. She’s also a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers.

“I think about my future in the industry a lot less in terms of specific roles and a lot more in terms of finding opportunities where I can make real, measurable impact and work with people I love,” Geeting said. “The right team, the right time and the right fit for me to make a difference — that’s the job I really want to have in the future.”


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