Published on October 17, 2014 Plastics Recycling Trends in North America

This report is a presentation and analysis of the North American Plastics Recycling Industry, including key trends and statistics based on 2013 performance.  We examine market environment factors, regulatory issues, industry challenges, key drivers and emerging trends in post-consumer and post-industrial recycling. 

Our analysts provide insight into indicators that impact market viability and potential, including:

  • Consumer awareness levels
  • Domestic end use markets for post-consumer HDPE
  • Gross Recycling Rates, 2003-2013
  • Historical resin pricing trends for virgin and recycled material
  • PET Recycling & PET Material Utilization Rates
  • Post-Consumer Plastic Bottle Recycling Collection
  • Plastics recovery by end use

As a bonus, we've included our annual RANKING of the TOP 25 Plastics Recyclers in North America based on our proprietary research.  Highlights from our special print edition report on reprocessed plastics, top materials and processes is also included.

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