Published on November 4, 2015 Trends in Resin Distribution Sponsored by M. Holland - with Excel Data

The Trends in Resin Distribution report, sponsored by M. Holland, examines current trends in the North American resin distribution market and the outlook for 2015 and beyond. This expanded version provides all data and charts that appears in the report in excel:

  • U.S. Ethylene expansion projects
  • PolyOne Distribution Sales & Operating Income - 10 year historical trends
  • HDPE, LLDPE & LDPE Distribution (Sales, % Change, 2005-2014)
  • HDPE, LLDPE & LDPE Resellers (Sales, % Change, 2005-2014)
  • Historical PP Sales trends: Distribution and Resellers
  • Natural gas production by category (Trends & Forecast)




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