Archive - The Design of Experiment (DOE) for Injection Molding

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This Webinar focuses on solving injection molding issues using a systematic approach, called Design of Experiments, or DOE, that has been successful in other fields. With plastic processing becoming progressively more scientific, a common practice is to use Six Sigma skills for injection molding. These DOEs can be solve multiple issues and lead to process improvements in such areas as reducing scrap, improving cycle time, identifying the process window and becoming more efficient at problem solving.

The goal of this Webinar is to educate plant managers and process engineers about successfully performing DOEs for injection molding. Design of Experiments is a systemic approach to determine the relationship between factors (process variables) and how they affect the output of the process. By performing DOEs, you will no longer guess what processing variable is significant on the output but will be able to statistically prove the significance of each factor.

Plastics News Senior Reporter Frank Esposito will provide a brief summary of injection molding issues and forecasts, using Plastics News’ Injection Molding 2015 Market Review & Outlook. Dan Mesyn, Technical Service Engineer for Teknor Apex, will then discuss the use of DOEs and how they can improve injection molding operations.

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