Published on December 9, 2015 Rotational Molding Market Review and Outlook 2016

This report provides in-depth analysis of the rotational molding segment for North America, summarizing current business trends, economic indicators, challenges and opportunities.  It also provides market projections for 2016 and includes analysis of the latest developments in materials, machinery and release agents.

The report includes key data on:

  • Rotational molding sales growth from 2005-2014
  • Throughput trends from 2005-2014
  • Resin price trends (1994-2016) for HDPE and LLDPE - HAO Comonomer Rotomolding Powder
  • Economic indicators: U.S. GDP, Exports, Imports and Trade Balance of Manufacturers 

In addition, we review leading rotational molders, equipment manufacturers and release agent manufacturers, assessing their business growth strategies and key performance metrics.

Profiled companies include:

Rotational Molders:

  • Ameri-Kart Corp.
  • Centro Inc.
  • Den Hartog Industries Inc.
  • Elkhart Plastics Inc.
  • Little Tikes Co.
  • Norwesco Inc.
  • Pelican Products Inc.
  • Snyder Industries Inc.
  • Step 2 Co. LLC
  • Toter Inc.

Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Caccia Engineering
  • Ferry Industries Inc.
  • Persico SpA
  • Reinhardt Roto-Machines
  • Rotoline
  • Rotomachinery Group

Release Agent Manufacturers:

  • Axel Plastic Research Laboratories
  • Chem-Trend LP
  • McLube
  • Stoner Inc.


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