Röchling expands in Germany

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Röchling Automotive SE & Co. KG Röchling's active grille system.

Automotive injection molder Röchling Automotive SE & Co. KG has opened a new production hall in Peine, Germany, to cope with continuing growth.

The new hall has a floor space of 1,800 square meters, extending the total production area at the Peine facility to 12,100 square meters. The hall is equipped with a 50-metric-ton crane system and its own material supply and drying area.

In a news release, Röchling Automotive said: “The machinery at the new production hall comprises two large-scale machines and a number of subsequent processing machines, which will be used to produce vehicle parts for two major automotive manufacturers.”

Mannheim, Germany-based Röchling acquired the land for the new facility in 2014. It is directly connected to the company’s new logistics hall, which was built in spring 2016. Röchling said it has invested a total of 13.6 million euros ($14.6 million) on constructing the two halls.

The production hall had its official opening ceremony on March 13, following a construction period of eight months.

“In Peine, we had reached the limits of our production capacity. With the new hall, we are now able to successfully fulfill all incoming orders,” said CEO Erwin Doll.

The Peine facility employs a workforce of approximately 350 and produces about 27 million parts a year.

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