Published on May 21, 2018 Plastic Film & Sheet Manufacturing Trends
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Film and sheet extruders and converters continue to thrive in 2018 with innovation and changing consumer preferences fueling growth and new opportunities across the plastics value chain.

Key questions answered in this report: 

  1. What is the estimate volume of sales in film & sheet in North America and what is the average sales per company?
  2. What is the global plastic films and sheet market forecast to reach by 2025?
  3. Key market trends that are shaping the film & sheet segment (e.g., barrier technology, material R&D trends, packaging design)?
  4. What are key drivers and potential barriers to market growth in North America?
  5. Is there a trend toward consolidation and how many packaging M&A deals were made in 2017 (rigid vs. flexible)?
  6. Who are the key industry players and what are they doing to gain the competitive edge?
Also included is a PDF of the Top 100 companies operating in the segment per Plastics News' 2017 ranking which tracks:

  • Total company sales and total film & sheet sales
  • % Break of film versus sheet sales
  • Materials processed
  • Number of employees & film/sheet lines
  • Services/processes performed in-house (e.g. bag making
  • Throughput (resin, annual in lbs.)
  • End markets served
  • Number and locations of North American film & sheet plants


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