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Don Loepp Workers pack boxes at Dymotek Corp., a specialist in two-shot liquid silicone rubber molding based in Ellington, Conn.

We recently wrapped up our second year of publishing LSR World, the first stand-alone magazine to focus exclusively on processing liquid silicone rubber. I’ve learned a lot the past few years, and I hope you have, too.

I’ve personally had the opportunity to visit some very impressive LSR molders. These companies rival the cleanest, most automated and best organized thermoplastic molders I’ve seen in 28 years at Plastics News.

I’ve also edited stories written by our team about some of the world’s most interesting LSR molders and toolmakers. We’ve seen the cream of the crop in Europe, North America and China. And we’ve covered, in person, all the top LSR-related conferences, trade shows and open houses the past two years, bringing you the highlights from each event. Just imagine what we’ve saved you in airfare alone! We’re sorry you won’t get credit for all those airline miles.

When we first started talking about the concept for LSR World, over breakfast at the Plastimagen trade show in Mexico City in 2016, I thought this was a sector that was desperate for information. We covered LSR processors at Plastics News, and so did our sister newspaper Rubber & Plastics News. We knew that many managers at LSR molders read one or both publications, but I felt there was a need to give them their own specialized publication.

LSR World is going to change in 2019. We’ll keep the website, but instead of a quarterly print supplement, we’ll become a regular four-times-a-year special report in the pages of Plastics News. Watch for the first one on March 18. We’ll also continue to collaborate on LSR-related stories and special reports with Rubber & Plastics News: Watch for their Silicone Focus report on March 11 and their LSR Report in September.

We will continue to highlight the best companies and best practices in the LSR molding sector and cover the latest trends and technology. With the change in format, it’s a natural time to take a step back and evaluate how we’re doing. What have you enjoyed? What could we do better? If you have specific story suggestions or companies you’d like to see us profile, I’d like to hear from you.