Bessemer brothers reunite at Novatec

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Novatec photo Bob Bessemer (left) and Conrad Bessemer are working together at Novatec Inc.

The Bessemer brothers — Bob and Conrad — are together again at Conrad Bessemer's auxiliary equipment company, Novatec Inc., in Baltimore.

Novatec announced the news in early January, but Bob Bessemer actually joined Novatec in August as vice president of extrusion technology.

Bob Bessemer will play a key role in developing Novatec's downstream equipment line for medical tubing and customer base. The announcement of his hiring was kept under wraps to allow him to focus on designing a new series of medical extrusion equipment in time for the MD&M West trade show in Anaheim, Calif., Feb. 5-7. The new Bessemer Rx-SmartMED series includes a water tank, vacuum tank and puller-cutter.

Novatec, a manufacturer of dryers, loaders and conveying systems, expanded into downstream equipment in 2012.

Bob Bessemer has more than 35 years of experience in engineering and commercial positions. He and Conrad worked together at extrusion downstream equipment supplier G.F. Goodman & Son Inc. Bob also worked at Killion Extruders Inc., now part of Davis-Standard LLC. He spent 25 years at Conair, where Conrad also worked before joining an investor group that bought Novatec, where he became president and CEO.

Conrad Bessemer said someone with his brother's knowledge and experience is very rare.

"Bob is well-known in the industry for his customer-focused solutions," he said.

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