Ensinger acquires medical supplier Moll Engineering

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Moll Engineering Moll's sole production unit is based in Dobra, southern Poland

German plastics processor Ensinger GmbH has acquired medical device manufacturer Moll Engineering GmbH, the companies announced Jan. 24.

Moll, a privately owned company based in Lübeck, manufactures medical parts from carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance plastics, stainless steel and titanium. The company’s sole production unit is located in Dobra, Poland, operated by Wenglon GmbH. The acquisition includes the takeover of production at the Dobra plant.

Moll specializes in the production of target-guided devices for trauma surgery, retractors and other medical instruments. In addition, the company produces components for automation technology and aviation.

Moll has 70 employees with engineering and sales functions based in Lübeck.

“We are delighted about this new addition, which introduces an attractive technology range into the corporate group”, said Roland Reber, managing director at Ensinger.

According to Reber, the combination of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics and metals offered by Moll is the “ideal solution” for many medical applications, particularly in orthopedics and trauma surgery.

Ensinger is also currently developing new technologies for the processing of thermoplastic fiber composites through another one of its subsidiaries.

“The different process technologies open up diverse options for customers for developing and manufacturing products,” Ensinger added

Ensinger manufactures plastic compounds for the medical technology sector and supplies stock shapes made from carbon fiber composite and other materials. The company also produces a variety of machined parts, including trial implants and sterilizable cases and trays.

Post-acquisition, Moll will remain headquartered in Lübeck. As a result of the takeover, however, new doors will open as the company will gain access to Ensinger’s global markets. Stefan Moll will continue to lead the company, which he co-founded in 1996.

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