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This week's Viewpoint column originally appeared in Steve Toloken's BRICS and Plastics blog on Feb. 14. The column generated two letters to the editor — both were published in the March 25 isssue of Plastics News — plus healthy debate on social media, including LinkedIn.

Because of the strong interest in the topic, as is obvious by the discussion that it prompted, we decided that our print subscribers should also have an opportunity to see Steve's column, as well as the replies from Patty Long, Conrad McKerron and Tim Smith.

Do you have an opinion on this issue? Plastics News welcomes letters from its readers. Mailbag letters are subject to editing for clarity and space and must include your full name, email address and a telephone number for confirmation.

We also regularly publish Perspective columns on our editorial page. Perspectives should be about 600 words, and the topic must be specifically related to plastics. While you may mention your company if it is relevant, Perspectives are not commercial messages. Please include your name, title, full company name and location, contact information and a high-resolution (300 dpi, jpg or tif) headshot.

Email your Mailbag or Perspective submission to

I also encourage you to post comments directly on our stories and opinion pieces online, and to share and comment on them via social media. Our Plastics News LinkedIn Group has more than 7,200 members, and our @plasticsnews Twitter page has more than 18,300 followers.

Don Loepp is editor of Plastics News and author of the Plastics Blog. Follow him on Twitter @donloepp.