Rotational Molders (2021)

2020 sales reported by North American Rotomolders responding to Plastics News' processor survey.

Includes: Company name and address for extrusion headquarters; Parent company; Ranked sales; current and previous; Breakout of custom vs. proprietary vs. captive sales; Total corporate sales; Employee count; Number of machines; Top official name and title;
Plant count; Related plant location addresses; Materials; Machine types; Secondary services and End markets.

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What's included



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Name/title/company contact info in separate Excel contacts file



Operator/address/phone in separate Excel file

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Fields in this list
  • Company name
  • Is Public Company? (Y/N)
  • Street address
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Web Address
  • Parent
  • Fiscal Year End Date - blank = calendar
  • Total Sales 2020 (U.S. dollars actual)
  • Total Sales 2019 (U.S. dollars actual)
  • Total Sales 2018 (U.S. dollars actual)
  • Division Name
  • Sales Rotomolding 2020 (U.S. dollars actual)
  • Previous Rotomolding Sales (U.S. dollars actual)
  • % Sales - Custom
  • % Sales - Proprietary
  • % Sales - Captive
  • # Employees rotomolding
  • Throughput Volume (actual lbs)
  • # Machines
  • # Rotomolding Plants in North America
  • Owned/Operated Plant(s)
  • Materials
  • Secondary Services
  • Machines
  • End Markets
  • Top rotational molding official
  • Footnotes