Plastics News Custom Content

Let Plastics News bring the right content strategy to your marketing plan. Here's how we can help you:

Strategy & Research

Our expertise is constantly refreshed by primary and secondary research, so we know how to create content strategies that deepen relationships with your target audience. We continuously engage our audience and they respond, making the information we provide timely and relevant.

Mutimedia Distribution

We choose the media and distribution channels that achieve your objectives. Your campaign will deploy across various channels - using a 360 degree approach from print, digital and direct mail, to events and email - your custom content will reach your target audience.


Integrated Custom Content

We'll make your integrated campaign with mobile, micro and full websites, commemorative print and white papers and more. They will be created by industry-expert writers, designers and developers and distributed by Plastics News.

Additional Capabilities

Built-in Engagement

Online and in print, our point of view has earned the trust and attention of the Plastics News readers, leaders and decision makers like you, looking for the data they need to take action.

Video & Event Production

We won't leave anything out of the mix. With our own production studios, we create and edit video and webinars, as well as produce and record live events, to extend audience engagement throughout the campaign.