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If business growth is your goal, ad frequency is the key to Classified advertising success. As a result you will find that our rates are designed to encourage you to advertise as often as possible. If you are looking to hire the best and the brightest, then Plastics News Classified is the place to start your recruitment effort. Plastics News is the best read - and only weekly newspaper in the business and the first place people use as a resource for finding a new job inside the industry!

We're flexible regarding classifications and we're willing to discuss it. When people are looking for new vendors they remember that they saw something somewhere in the Classified sections of the Plastics News, pick up a recent issue, and if you run frequently they will find your ad and make the call... The rest is up to you!

When you consider all of the possible uses for classified advertising and the different classifications - there are some real differences when it comes what you should put into your ad . There's a pretty good chance that we can help! We've been helping others like you for many years. Call toll free to discuss what you would like to accomplish!

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Classified Sales
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Classified Sales
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Number of columns:
Number of inches:
Number of insertions:
Number of Additional Colors:

Number of Columns [Width]

Your ad must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 columns wide. Liner ads are NOT available. Use the picture below to determine the width.

Number of Inches [Height]

Height of your ad can vary on the 1/4". It can be as small as 1" or as large as 13".

Number of Insertions [Frequency]

Your first insertion will mark the beginning of your advertising 12 month period. The more you run ads, the lower the cost. Ad size and content can change week to week.

Classified Advertising Rate Table
Black/White Rates
PDF Classified Advertising Rates
Per Column
Inch Size
1X 3X 7X 13X

1" to 20" $307 $281 $265 $242
21" to 40" $279 $260 $240 $219
41" to 78" $260 $238 $217 $201
TAB/Page $15,400 $14,070 $11,550 $10,500
Per Column
Inch Size
20X 26X 39X 52X 65X 78X 104X

1" to 20" $236 $225 $216 $207 $205 $203 $199
21" to 40" $214 $203 $189 $179 $175 $172 $166
41" to 78" $188 $175 $169 $156 $152 $149 $142
TAB/Page $9,590 $9,030 $8,610 $8,330 $8,190 $8,050 $7,770


Standard colors are produced by using the four process color inks CMYK. For a two-color standard ad the first color is always black. Matched colors are not permitted in Classified.

Add One Additional Standard Color
The additional cost per ad will be $39 per column inch up to a maximum of $1686

Add Two Additional Standard Colors
The additional cost per ad will be $56 per column inch up to a maximum of $3372

Add Four Additional Standard Colors (Photo Quality)
The additional cost per ad will be $100 per column inch up to a maximum of $4064

*Rates effective January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.



All Classified advertisement in Plastics News also appear at no additional cost on our Web Site in the Classified Section.

Early Classified Ads

Recruitment, Materials, Equipment, Auction, Tooling and Moldmaking, and Business Opportunity ads are emailed each week on Friday to subscribers of Plastics News Early Classified Ads by email. Its free and sent out three days in advance of the paper.


File Formats: PDF, EPS (with all fonts and images embedded) and high-resolution TIF files are acceptable. All fonts must be Postscript Type 1.

Color, Images and Fonts: Four-color ads must be converted to CMYK. Two color ads should be produced using the CMYK mode. PMS or Matched Colors not accepted in Classified. Black and white ads need to be converted to grayscale. All images must be embedded. Image manipulation (resizing, color-mode changes and rotating) should be done in the application the image was generated with before importing it into a page make-up program. Image resolution should be at a minimum of 300 dpi. Fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines. Reverse lettering in four-color advertisements should be spread with dominant color forming shape of letters. Thin lines, serifs, small and medium-size lettering should be restricted to one color only. Maximum density in any one area, all colors, should not exceed 300%.

Proofs: Advertisements supplied to Crain without an acceptable colors proof will be printed to SWOP standards. The printer and/or publisher cannot be held liable for color complaints when files are submitted without an acceptable color proof.

E-mail: Filename not to exceed eight characters followed by a three character extension. One attachment per E-mail. Compress multiple files into a SIT or ZIP file. File attachments should not exceed 8 MB.

FTP Upload: Click on the link below to upload your ad via FTP.


Box numbers are available at $20 extra per insertion. Advertiser must request this service at the time of placing ad. Replies are sent in care of Plastics News, then forwarded to advertisers the same day on which they are received.


Plastics News is published weekly. Classified advertising closes each Monday, 7 days preceding date of publication, except during holiday weeks and for color ads. When normal closing dates fall on a holiday, issue closes the preceding work day.


Recognized ad agencies allowed 15% of gross billings. Commission not allowed on box numbers or mechanical charges. Camera-ready artwork required. Minimum production charge of $50 will be implemented for ads requiring typesetting/layout or camera shots. Ads requiring extra work or early proofs should be submitted five days prior to ad deadline or Wednesday, noon, EST. Extensive typesetting/production quotes available on request.


Payment is due in advance of closing date unless credit is established with Crain Communications. American Express, Discover, Visa, Diners Club, and MasterCard accepted. Invoices are dated as of the issue date and are due and payable upon receipt in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank, net 30 days. Publisher looks to the advertising agency placing the insertion order for payment, however, Publisher shall have the right to hold the advertising agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for the monies due and payable to Publisher, and the agency warrants, by submitting the insertion order, that it and the advertiser have accepted this responsibility. Publisher will not be bound by conditions, printed or otherwise, on contracts, order blanks, or instructions when such conditions conflict with its policies.


Publisher reserves the right to change the rates and terms at any time, provided only that for any contract advertiser the rates shall continue to apply for issues within 90 days of the notification date of such change.


Advertisers will be short-rated if, within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion, they do not use the amount of space upon which their billings have been based. Advertisers will be rebated if, within a 12-month period from the date of first insertion, they have used sufficient additional space to warrant a lower rate than that at which they have been billed.


FAX/phone orders are accepted from 8:30a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday. Advertising can be placed by calling (313)446-1625 or (313)446-0446. Fax your ad for a quick quote to (330)869-0389 or e-mail [email protected]. Insertion orders, copy and other correspondence should be faxed to (330) 869-0389. Hard copy required.


Plastics News reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headings and to display all classified ads on its web site.


By issuance of this rate card, Publisher offers, subject to the terms and conditions herein, to accept insertion orders for advertising to be published in Plastics News and by their tendering such insertion order the advertiser and agency shall indemnify and hold Publisher, its employees, agents and its subcontractors free and harmless from any expenses, damages and costs resulting from Publisher's compliance with such insertion order (including but not by way of limitation, from claims of libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement or otherwise) and Publisher shall have full right to settle any such claim and to control litigation or arbitration as to which it may be a party all at the cost of the agency and the advertiser who shall be deemed joint and several indemnitors and agency warrants that it is authorized to bind, and does bind, advertiser to such indemnity jointly and severally with agency. Publisher reserves the right in its sole discretion to discontinue publication at any time with or without notice, or to defer or cancel the printing, publication or circulation of any issue, and shall not be liable for any failure to print, publish, or circulate all or any portion of an issue or of the tendered advertising because of labor disputes involving the Publisher, the printer or others, transportation delays or embargoes, errors or omissions of employees or subcontractors, or circumstances beyond its control. Publisher's sole obligation as to any failure or default on its part shall be limited to a refund of its charges which may have been paid to it or, at its option, to publish the tendered advertising in the next available issue. The Publisher reserves the right to reject or omit any advertising for any reason. No advertising will be accepted which simulates Plastics News editorial material.

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