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Challenges remain for US recycling
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Naples, Fla. — The U.S. recycling market still has some work to do to meet its goals. "There needs to be a financial benefit to recycling," Leon Farahnik said March 5 as part of a recycling...
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GW Plastics expands in Ireland
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Anaheim, Calif. —​ GW Plastics Inc. has continually reinvested in its operations during the course of the last five years. Add another investment to the list. The firm recently...
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Walmart Foundation supporting sustainability study
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A substantial grant will help the University of Georgia examine multilayer plastic biodegradation in an attempt to lessen packaging waste in the environment. The Walmart Foundation is giving $800,...
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Ply Gem windows add dark colors, weather protection
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Las Vegas — Trendy window profiles in black or bronze and grand patio doors that protect against hurricanes were in the product spotlight for Ply Gem Building Products at the International...
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Engel targets sustainability, joins New Plastics Economy
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Engel Group has signed the New Plastics Economy global commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, becoming one of the first machinery companies to make the circular economy pledge....
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MTD Micro Molding named Processor of the Year
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Naples, Fla. — MTD Micro Molding is the 2018 Plastics News Processor of the Year. The winner was named March 6 at the Plastics News Executive Forum in Naples. With 37 employees and 14...
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Elkem shows off LSR Select to industry
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Anaheim, Calif. — Elkem Silicones USA Corp. has been working on its new process for liquid silicone rubber for a few years, and now it's ready to show the industry. The company officially...
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Coming to the Tour de France: Team Ineos
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Chemical company Ineos is moving from making headlines on the business pages to the sports section. Last year, the company revealed its design for the United Kingdom's entry in the America's Cup...
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IPL Plastics buys Belgian molder Loomans
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Montreal — IPL Plastics Inc. will acquire Belgian manufacturer of plastic packaging Loomans Group NV for a total consideration of $85.5 million. The Quebec-based injection molder said in a...
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Trelleborg enhances medical capabilities with Sil-Pro deal
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Delano, Minn. — Service continues to be a priority for Trelleborg AB's Sealing Solutions unit, and its latest acquisition only furthers that goal. The firm in January finalized a deal to...
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Grupo Antolin North America Inc.

1700 Atlantic Blvd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
United States
Phone: 248-373-1749
Fax: 248-373-1505

  • Ranking
  • Top Injection Molding Official
    Pablo Baroja
    NAFTA regional president
  • Parent Company
    Grupo Antolin-Irausa SA
  • Injection Molding Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
    • Previous Year
  • Global Corporate Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
  • Injection Molding Employees
  • Injection Molding Plants
  • Presses
  • Annual resin throughput (millions lbs)
  • Processes
    Thermoplastic injection
    Thermoset injection
    Insert molding
    Gas-assisted injection
  • Secondary Services
  • Materials
    Hi-temp thermoplastics
    Thermoplastic polyester
  • Primary End Markets
    Other transportation
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