Paraxylene feedstock contract pricing is settled at the end of each month. Data is revised retroactively.

An arrow, up ▲ or down ▼ , indicates a market price change in that direction from the previous week.
An “*” indicates that a price has been revised since last edition.
A “P” indicates that a price change for that material is pending.
A bullet ■ indicates a correction in the published price.

Prices are in € per tonne. Prices are generated from interviews with buyers and suppliers.

The information provided is based on sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy or timeliness is not guaranteed and no warranties of any kind are provided. Sustainable Plastics does not intend to specify the price of the materials listed. For price quotes on specific materials, contact the supplier. Sustainable Plastics discourages use of this chart as a single-source index for price contracts. Sustainable Plastics does not buy or sell resins.

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