Frequently Asked Questions About Our Resin Pricing Data

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How are resin prices sourced? Our resin price data involves scores of phone calls every week, as I contact officials at resin processors and producers, as well as consultants and analysts who follow the industry, to learn if prices are going up or down or staying right where they are. Read my full explanation for more detail.

How do you account for attempts to sway reported prices? These ploys usually are fairly transparent. Those phone numbers quickly get deleted from our database.

Should I use this pricing data for structuring contracts?Plastics News strongly discourages the use of the PN pricing chart as an index for structuring contracts between suppliers and processors, or even between processors and their end customers -- unless the PN chart is used in combination with other price indexes, such as those compiled by Chemical Data (CDI) ICIS or Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS.

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